Saturday, March 28, 2009

Yummy Lemonade

Nancy nominated me for the Lemonade Award. I feel so special! And thirsty!

Now I get to pick some friends to nominate who's blogs I find refreshing and delicious...

Michele is one of my good friends who first encouraged me to start my own blog. Her humorous take on all the crazy things that happen when you have 5 of the cutest kids ever is refreshing and sweet. It's also awesome that her kids' blog nicknames are inspired by Star Trek!

Sarah C is one of the sweetest, most positive people I know, and her blog reflects that. She is always doing fun things with her adorable family and has the most infectious smile. Her blog is all privatey, but if you're lucky, she might invite you to see it!

Megan is the cutest little prego mommy-to be and she's also saving the world by using cloth diapers, raising chickens in her backyard and planting a square-foot-garden. She and her husband, Brian, are really into "backyard sustainability." And I just love watching her little belly grow!

Kasmira at What I Wore Today has an awesome blog that I check daily. She's a down-to-earth, real girl who loves fashion and inspiring others. She has inspired me to be more creative with my own wardrobe and have fun with clothes. She rocks!

Liz at Mabel's House is a kindred spirit. She loves her little dog Mabel as much as I love Teddy. She has a passion for beautifying her home and worries about those little fine lines that (she thinks) are starting to pop up. She is a great example of creativity, humor and faith. Her recent post on her feelings after losing a dear friend touched my heart. She's just an awesome girl.

Now I'm off to make a pitcher of ice-cold lemonade....YUM!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Ode To Spring

The first breath of sunny spring air,
Makes me want to chop off all my hair.
My neck, covered all winter long
Sings a joyous liberation song
Upon feeling a warm, balmy breeze.

But if the temp falls again, I might freeze.