Monday, July 20, 2009

Girl's Camp 2009

I completely, 100% LOVE Girl's Camp.

It is my favorite week of the year.

No makeup, no hairdryers, no fussing about your looks or your outfit.
No TV, no radio, no internet, no distractions.
Just nature and adventure and spiritual experiences and fun.
And hanging with some of the coolest, funnest girls around.

This year, our theme was "Rubies" from Proverbs 31:10-31
Radiantly RighteousUnwavering in Virtue
Brilliant and Beautiful
Young Woman
Our cabin was the "jewelry box."And the girls were the gems inside. They all picked gemstone nicknames.Our skit was about a fair maiden who went on a quest to find jewels for her crown (representing her various virtues, of course.)

Such talented ladies!

Hike day was awesome. We hiked for 5 miles through Clifton Gorge. It was gorgeous. (Ha ha! Get it? I'm so funny.)

Happy Campers!

We made hygiene kits for the Church Humanitarian Center to distribute to those in need.
We ate together.
We made jewelry in the cabin.

We danced the funky chicken.
This is how I know the girls love me.(my shoe)

(my bed)

(my crazy girls)

We played Ninja.

We played Buck Buck.

We are the Buck Buck Ninja's and we rule!
Our last evening together, we had a very special activity. We recreated Lehi's Vision for the girls. They were blindfolded and told to hold to the Iron Rod. There were tempters trying to deceive and angels to support them on either side.
I was so proud to watch the girls be so valiant in holding to that rod and not letting go!

At the end of the Iron Rod was the Tree of Life. A beautiful tree with white lights and white envelopes containing letters for each girl from their parents.

It was a special moment that I hope none of them ever forget.
(To learn more about Lehi's Vision, click here.)

We ended our evening with a testimony meeting and eating ice cream the the Bishop brought for us.

Before we went home, Michele and I couldn't resist taking a picture of our "camp feet." I'm so happy she went with me this year - we had a great time!



The Woods said...

That looks so much fun and reminds me of my own camp memories!!

Mike and Adrianne said...

I love the pictures. You would be such a fun camp director!

Sarah C said...

That looks like so much fun! I am sure you are the best camp director ever. You are crazy, happy, and funny all the time. Cute pictures.

Amy and David Ziehl said...

This reminds me of our times at GC! I loved those days!!

Rachel said...

Nothin better than Girls Camp! NOTHIN!!! Looks like you had a great time again.