Tuesday, September 9, 2008


I have discovered the secret to a (fairly, comparatively, sort-of) stress-free move.

1. Move into a fully-furnished house. Make sure it comes equipped with a hot tub and a 60 inch plasma TV.

2. Take 2 weeks to do it.

We are fortunate and grateful to have the opportunity to live in the home of some friends of ours from church who are in Norway serving a mission for the next 23 months. It's a beautiful home with some great amenities (like the hot tub and TV!) We keep saying that we feel like we are on vacation.

Still, though, I have to move my stuff.

I do NOT like to move my stuff. When you move stuff, things get broken and scratched. (I'm still upset about a scratch my dining table got in our last move.) And since the house is completely furnished, a lot of our posessions are going into storage in the garage. That adds another opportunity for my OCD to come out because everything has to be packed, wrapped, cushioned and protected just right. So, I'm driving Scott crazy with things like making sure all like items are in the same box, double wrapping, double taping, using the same size boxes so that they will stack well, etc.

Then there's the actual moving. Saturday we are planning on moving all the big stuff. The heavy stuff. The stuff where when the guys pick it up you hear things like,

"Ughhh. Ehhhhhhh. Errrrrrrghhhhhhhhh!"

"You got it?" "Wait, wait, it's slipping!"

"Maybe if we tip it this way....Noooooo!"

I have decided that I will be hiding in the bedroom while this coccurs. I just can't watch it.

The last week has been fun - slowly transporting the small stuff and getting settled and then soaking in the spa after not working very hard.

But on Saturday morning, my moving tranquility will be demolished. Hopefully, none of my furniture will be destroyed along with it.

Serenity now!


Rachel said...

What a blessing for you guys! Enjoy that hot tub! How big is your new place? Is there an extra room for a nursery, hint, hint!!!????

jennifer said...

It's plenty big....we'll see! ;)
If we do have a baby, it had better be a girl, though, because the spare room is completely pink!

Sarah C said...

That looks like a wonderful opportunity. Let me know if you need help moving. Good luck.

Jill said...

That will be so fun moving somewhere with a hot tub! You don't need any help enjoying THAT, now, do you?

Rob and Steph Puterbaugh said...

ooh, a hot tub! jealousy rages!!! I think Rob and I would like a hot tub in our future home...almost more than a pool (which we really really want).

what's your blog address? mine is http://robandstephputerbaugh.blogspot.com check it out and or add it to your favorite blog list. I'll add you to mine.

is ur Pom friendly??? We could have a puppy date... My dog is a japanese chin. Her name is Gremmy.

Anonymous said...

Oh, how fun. *not* We have moved twice just since being here. I'm sure it will all be over by Monday. you'll make it. Espacially with a HOT TUB! I'm waiting for pics.

Anonymous said...

OK, I know that you have an insane amount going on but, when you have a chance, could you give me a call? Your phone isn't working and I wanted to figure out a date to get my hair cut (when it is convinient for you--again with understanding the insanity).

Angela said...

I'm still waiting for pictures.....

jennifer said...

Yeah. I don't think I'll be posting any pictures of myself in the hot tub, Angela!
I might post a pic of Teddy, though. He doesn't actually get in, but he likes to sit on a towel on the edge while we are in there.

shannon said...

Nice set up...you deserve it! And you're OCD is a good thing. Especially when you're taking care of someone else's house!