Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Trip To Omaha - Part 2

We found Omaha to be quite pretty, with a lot more rolling hills than I expected and enough trees, green and beauty to keep me happy.

We spent one day at the park. My parents, who had been anxiously waiting to spend time with their grandchildren, came prepared with big bubble wands and kites.

Ashley was the master bubble-blower. Or spinner, rather! These big wands didn't require blowing, just some serious waving. The best technique, of course is to spin in circles!
Tyler loved flying his kite because all that requires is running full-tilt across a field - something he excels at!

This was the first time mom and dad got to meet their new granddaughter, Claire. They couldn't get enough of her!
Who could resist such a cute munchkin?
We took a little hike through the woods and Tyler kept stopping to pick wildflowers and show them to me. Melt my heart!!!
Ashley collected quite a bunch as well.
Grandma didn't come on the hike, so the kids decided to present her with the bouquets of blossoms they found.
Being with family is beautiful.
To be continued...


The Woods said...

Love those bubble pictures. What a nice time!

Rachel said...

LOVED part duex. Keep em coming :)

Mike and Adrianne said...

It sounds like you had a really great vacation. You are right, Nebraska is surprisingly pretty.

Kristi, Liezl, Quincy, and Josh said...

thanks for getting me connected to our ward's blogging world. I love it! It was so nice to talk to you today.

Sarah C said...

Bubbles, Kites, and Flowers...Fun!