Friday, June 26, 2009

Trip To Omaha - Part 4

Some of my favorite memories of my childhood are of all the fun little projects my mom did with us. She made everything special, from birthdays to holiday dinners to summer activities to weekday meals.

It is so fun to see her using her creativity and talent to make things special with the grandkids. Grandma makes everything fun!

One day she helped Tyler and Ashley make Bunny Salads for lunch.
A half of a canned pear makes the body, which sits on a bed of cottage cheese. Raisins are attached with toothpicks for the eyes and a red hot makes the nose. A big marshmallow for a tail and pink ears cut out of paper complete this cute little bunny!

Raggedy Ann and Andy Salads were another special treat.
A half a canned peach for the face, raisin eyes and a red hot nose and grated cheese for hair. Their outfits are made up of lettuce, celery and string cheese chunks.
OK, I get to take credit for this one! After mom saw the cupcakes I made for Easter this year, she thought the kids would enjoy re-creating them.
Such beautiful works of art!
They look good enough to eat!

Creative food wasn't the only fun thing happening. Meet Melody, the singing dog! Melody is brought to life with a paper plate, a jello box, some crayons and a bow.

Of course, Aunt Jennifer couldn't resist giving Ashley a hairdo to match!
Later on we stuck a bandaid on her forehead to match Tyler. He had bonked his head good enough that he needed stitches right before we got there and was sporting cool Batman bandaids for a while!
Melody helped the kids learn some new songs. When they sang nice and pretty she would open her mouth and sing right along with them!
Do we have a fun mom and grandma or what?

To be continued...


Rachel said...

What beautiful kids Ben has!!!!! And Jen, your Mom is the best! Looks like you guys had such fun.

Sarah C said...

Your mom looks like a wonderful grandma. You can tell she has a lot of fun with the grandchildren. The cupcakes are aweseom.