Friday, August 22, 2008


As I enjoyed a delicious doughnut for breakfast this morning, I thought "When did doughnuts become breakfast food?" They really seem like they are more along the lines of dessert, like cake or cookies, being a pastry and all.

(Although, I have been known to eat a slice of cake or handfull(s) of cookies for breakfast as well. Always with a glass of milk, though - that makes it healthy, right?)

So I was feeling all guilty for eating a doughnut as my morning nutrition when there were perfectly good wholesome and healthy bagels sitting right next to them. Hard, spongy, tough bagels next to soft, sweet, melt-in-your-mouth doughnuts.

But then I went a-Googling and found this quote from Doughnuts: A Definitive History, By Mr Breakfast:

"Pay no mind to the fact that a bagel with cream cheese has over 450 calories; the doughnut was called out time and time again for it's average 300 calories per cake."

Doughnuts. It's what's for breakfast.


Jill said...

Oh, yes. The DOUGHNUT. It's what's for breakfast. And lunch. And Dinner. ;o)

nicole said...

YUM... I had doughnuts from Tim Hortons this morning too, and basically negated my morning workout! Oh well... it was totally worth it!!