Monday, August 25, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

Last year I forgot Scott's birthday. Well, I didn't actually forget his birthday, I just forgot what day it was. We were out of town for my brother's wedding and on the day of his birth I woke up not realizing the date and neglected to wish him a happy birthday until that afternoon when said brother called him on my cell phone with birthday wishes.

Apologizing profusely and trying to make it up in numerous ways did not redeem me. He has not let me live it down and has brought it up repeatedly since. (Teasing, of course.)

I don't think I'll be hearing about it anymore.

I woke up this morning and my sweet husband gave me a kiss good morning...I waited to hear the words....He gave me a squeeze on the way to brush my teeth....I waited to hear the words...He held my hand as he drove me to work....I waited to hear the words....

He picked me up from work this afternoon with a sheepish look and admitted that he had forgotten my birthday this morning!

But when I got home, I found some goodies waiting for me! Awww, isn't my husband sweet! He knows the way to a girl's heart - flowers and chocolate cupcakes! And a balloon. I think he's forgiven.(Somebody teach me to photoshop that stray hair off my forehead quick, cause it's buggin'!)

Really, he's off the hook, though, because he celebrated with me on Saturday. He took me out for a yummy lunch and to do The Thing Which All Women Wish Their Husbands Would Do With Them - shopping!

We went to my favorite place to shop - Village Discount Thift Store. Scott joked that he takes me to all the classy places! But I LOVE thrifting. I'd usually rather do that than go to the mall.

And I totally scored. These are my birthday purses! All brand new, all from the thrift store. Grand total of $7 for all three. ( I know it's probably rude to say how much your gifts cost but I'm just so darn proud.)

This evening was bittersweet - we had a farewell party for our good friends. They are moving this week and will now be listed in my sidebar under Friends I Miss Who Live Far, Far Away (pout.) We are sad to see them go but had a fun evening gathering with all our comrades to send them off. We wish them a smooth transition and are jealous of all the fun their new friends will have with them!
I'm grateful for all my birthday blessings - a gorgeous, sweet, wonderful husband, amazing friends and family, and designer purses on sale.


Anonymous said...

I didn't know it was your birthday! Happy Birthday! I'm going to have to check your favorite store out--I love the bags!

Rachel said...

I knew it was your B-Day and totally forgot in the chaos that is my life! I love you so much, and I will call you soon with a more personal Birthday greeting.

Melody said...

Happy Birthday!!! I have something special for you. I was thinking about getting a thrift store gift certificate, but Scott beat me to the idea... so I have something else you will love. OPEN IT!! OPEN IT!!!

Mommo said...

It sounds like your birthday was a great one. We should have at least sang to you last night. Aren't we all a bunch of bums?

Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! happy Birthday dear Jen! Happy Birthday to you!!!!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday!

Adorable bags! If you can bring yourself to go there again - I'll make the sacrifice of going with you! ;o)

Last night was a great social - but I'll miss Sarah so much! :o(

Sarah C said...

Happy Birthday! I am glad you had a great birthday. I love your purses.

nicole said...

Happy Birthday!! What a sweet hubby you have... he redeemed himself quite nicely. ;) By the way, even with the stray hair you're still gorgeous!

The Woods said...

Happy Birthday. Really enjoyed the forgetful birthday stories...sounds like something that could happen around here. Hope you had a happy day!!

shannon said...

What the!!? Those purses are soo sweet! I am going to have to check out that place!