Friday, October 3, 2008

Getting Too Old For This

Being in your 30's is just not the same as being in your 20's.

I actually love being in my 30's - I know myself better, I feel like I am wiser and I enjoy the little things in life more. I'm happier.

But I wouldn't mind having the body of my 20's back.

Scott and I just spent 3 days in Kentucky this week working 13-hour days. Three 13-hour days in a row that all started at 5 a.m or earlier.

On the three-hour drive home, to keep ourselves awake, we started reminiscing about our college days and it made me remember how I used to be on the go constantly and be able to function, even thrive, on 4 or 5 hours of sleep. Sometimes less. I remember staying out until 3 or 4 a.m. and then getting up for an early class and not ever feeling exhausted. Maybe I was running on the adrenaline of all the fun I was having.

Maybe adrenaline doesn't work the same when you get older. 'Cause I still feel like my life is pretty fun. OK, not college fun, but pretty darn fun nonetheless. I really like my job and I love working with Scott and the other people we work with. It was a fun week.

But I am pooped. Pooped, tuckered, wiped, exhausted...

But happy.


Rachel said...

I can sympathize, Jen. However YOU may be getting older, I , on the other hand, am not. I've been 31 for 4 years now. :)

scott said...

Ummm, Scott, just what exactly did you tell Jen about your Ricks College "college days"?

I think I have a right to know if anything will get back to Courtney?? :)