Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Christmas Chaos

Teddy here...

Mommysmama asked me to post some pictures of our house all decorated for Christmas...here you go, Grandma!

It's a good thing mommy took these pictures a few days ago because this is NOT what the house looks like right now. Mommy has been so CRAZY busy getting ready for Christmas (why oh WHY does she procrastinate so much?!?!) that currently there are presents, wrapping paper, Christmas cards, cookies, craft supplies and half-finished handmade gifts and general clutter strewn from one end of the house to the other. Not to mention the pile of wet coats, scarfs and boots by the door from all the snowy-wet weather. And I'll tell you a little secret...she hasn't even made the bed for a week!!! But we LOVE the mess of Christmas!


Anonymous said...

Everything looks amazing, as always. I love the feather trees. Teddy looks pretty comforatable on the couch.

Melody said...

Gorgeous! You should do design work on the side!

Jill said...

What lovely Christmas decorations! And even though you SAY that your house is covered with STUFF, I can imagine that it's still tidier than my house!!!

Merry Christmas!