Sunday, December 2, 2007


We had a great Thanksgiving this year! We drove to Maryland to spend the holiday with family. Mom gave me Dramamine for motion sickness, so I slept the whole way, but she said that the drive was beautiful with lots of gorgeous fall color still left in the mountains. When we got there, we helped Grandma make our traditional turkey cookies. Mom has been making these since she was a little girl. This was the first time Dad had seen them and he liked them so much he says we definitely have to keep this tradition.

On Thanksgiving day, Daddysmama came over to for dinner, along with some friends from Mommysmama and Mommyspapa's ward. We had a feast! It's so wonderful to enjoy those traditional dishes that bring back memories of your childhood. And we all had fun cooking together!

After dinner, I fell asleep in Grandma's arms. Grandma's not really a dog lover but I won her over! She LOVES me!!!

Mom is one of those strange people that actually enjoys making pie crust. Perhaps it's because her Dad always complimented her on it growing up and her husband raves about it now. Anyway, besides making a fabulous crust, she added fall leaves on top to make it pretty! She found the templates online and cut them out and traced them on the pie crust. Pretty and Yummy!

The day after Thanksgiving, Mom and Dad went to Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Michael's house for another Thanksgiving dinner. It was such a fun night! They arrived to find the most delicious buffet of appetizers and goodies. Mom especially likes the shrimp and cheese spread with crackers and Dad liked the gringerbread cookies with pumpkin dip. Then there was an entire Thanksgiving dinner buffet! YUM! After dinner, Michael had prepared some really fun games and everyone laughed until they hurt! It was a great night of stuffing tummies once again and visiting with family and friends. We feel so blessed to have one big, shared family with so many people to love.

It was a wonderful trip and we had a great time! Mom loves to decorate for the holidays, so I have to put some pictures on here of our fall decorations at our house...

Fall is fun! Christmas, here we come!!!



Anonymous said...

I Love love love your blog. How fun. That pie looked amazing. You'll have to teach me to make crust without wax paper. The turkey cookies are too cute. My kids would LOVE to make those.

I love your hair cut. Looks like you guys are doing well.

jess said...

go, go, go, teddy!!

Jill said...

I'll take that recipe for shrimp and cheese spread with crackers!

Sarah C said...

Your Thanksgiving food looks amazing.