Wednesday, December 5, 2007

First Snow

Is there anything more wonderful than waking up in the morning, stretching your paws, rolling over for your morning belly rub, and then going to the window to find this? Ahhh, the first snowfall of the year. (Well, actually we heard that there was a light dusting of snow over Thanksgiving, but we weren't here so it doesn't count.)

Mommy wonders, does she really need to go grocery shopping today? Wouldn't she rather just stay inside curled up with a book and a mug of hot chocolate? Of course, she won't share the chocolate with me. (pout)

We have been waiting all year to see the view outside our apartment covered in snow. Isn't it beautiful? But I worry, are the birds OK? The swans are swimming in the ice! Do they enjoy that? I myself do enjoy a frolic in the snow, but ice water...brrrrr!!! We might have to feed them some bread crumbs later. And perhaps some hot chocolate.


Melody said...

Gorgeous pics! Hey, what's your email address? Email me at

Anonymous said...

Wow. Snow? It's in the 80's this week! lol!
Great pics though!


Jill said...

Hi Jennifer, I didn't know you have a blog!!! I can recommend one game for two people that the Blunck's introduced to us: Carcassonne. It involves some strategy and takes about an hour to play. I highly recommend it. Come over and we'll teach you! :o)