Monday, December 10, 2007

Dinner and a Movie...and Grocery Shopping!

Date Night!
We consider ourselves "foodies" and pretty adventurous eaters (except no seafood or mushrooms for Scott and no walnuts or raw onions for Jennifer) so we enjoy any outing that has to do with food!
Scott threw me in the car on Saturday and said "We're goin' to Cinci!" We found Sabor Peruano - a Peruvian Restaurant that was very authentic. I think we were the palest people in there which is always a good sign. Scott had Lomo Saltado - sauteed beef with onions, tomatoes and rice with yuca. The waitress had this stunned look on her face when he ordered that, I'm sure she doesn't see many Gringos ordering yuca. (For those of you who don't know, yuca is a root vegetable kinda like a potato but is an aquired taste for those of us who weren't raised on it. Scott aquired a taste for it on his mission.) I had Pollo a la Milanesa - a breaded chicken dish with rice and beans and sweet plantains. When she brought my pollo out, I had to laugh - It was bigger than my head! Then we headed over to Jungle Jims- the adventure park for Foodies! Seriously, this place is insane. It is six acres of food from all over the world. When you enter, there are all these jungle animals out front to welcome you with various hoots, howls and calls.
Then inside there is so much to see! Besides all the incredible food, the whole store is decorated with crazy things like the Cereal Bowl Band playing atop the S.S. Minnow from Gilligans Island. (They really sing!)We saw Robin Hood and his Merry Men up a tree where they have hidden the Sherrif's treasure above all the aisles with food from Great Britain. Oh, yes, they have all kinds of wonderful things to eat and see, including...A WHOLE PIG'S HEAD?!?!?!?!
We picked up some fun, new food items to try (we left the pig head there) and even met some new friends. We talked to a couple in the China aisle who recommended some famous Chinese candy. We met a family from Russia in the Russian aisle who told us all about their favorite foods and showed us which items we might like and what things to stay away from.
After four hours of shopping, (yes, we spent four hours in a grocery store...I said we were into food) we were pretty tired so we came home and curled up on the couch and watched a movie. And ate snacks. It was a great date!


Jill said...

Hey! We've been wanting to go to Jungle Jims ourselves!!! But we don't know where it is...perhaps you could pass the info along?

Anonymous said...

LOL! Ok first, that sounds totally fun and second I have to say that you look pretty awesome for being "thrown in the car one morning". Haha.

I am enjoying reading your blog. you are so entertaining. I feel like I was there.


Phill A said...

Great Blog! I read a lot of blogs about the store... 4 hours... Wow!
Glad you enjoyed your trip.
Thanks for making us part of your day!

Have Fun!
Phill Adams
Director of Development
Jungle Jim's International Market, Inc.
Fairfield, Ohio 45014-4108

Saquel25 said...

Ahhh, the days where you can just pick up and go - no diaper bag, no kids, no second thoughts. I'm not really envious, I promise!!!

Stephanie said...

Great blog, I loved the picture with the pig's head!

Stephanie said...

Some day when you are ready for us, we would like to come and visit you (if you we can find some cheap accomodations nearby) and want to go to those food places, they look so cool!

Melody said...

How exciting! I spent some time in Peru last summer. I loved the food!
I never really defined it, but I think I am a 'foodie' too. I'm strangely obsessed with trying different foods. I think I would enjoy Jungle Jim's.