Thursday, December 4, 2008

Answering Edward

Today's Favorite Things are...

1. Turquoise. That's my favorite color every day and I do wear it a lot.
2. Muse - Black Holes and Revelations. I have a fantasy of being able to play "Knights of Cydonia" at the Expert level of Guitar Hero. But we all know that's probably not ever going to happen.
3. The Phantom of the Opera. I'm dying to see the stage production again. Alas, it's not touring anywhere near me right now, but I'm happy to have the DVD!
4. Tourmaline. Because it comes in so many different, sparkly, beautiful colors!

5. Roses. Boring, I know. But I only like the really interesting, funky variegated ones like these:
Now, who gets the title of my post? ;D


Jill said...

Ah, Edward. :o)

shannon said...

I love turquoise too, but you pull it off so much better!