Saturday, December 6, 2008

Teddy Paws

My blogfriend Elaine's dog passed away last night. This is the second beloved canine family member she has lost in the last 3 months.

I've never actually met Elaine, or her dogs (but I've seen pictures - big, lovely brown-eyed, furry creatures that they were) but both times when I read on her blog that she had lost one of her doggies, I burst into tears.

I cannot even think of the day when we won't have our Teddy with us anymore. It already hurts too much and he's sitting right here curled up by my side, pressed against my leg as I write this.

Nope. Can't go there or I'll lose it.

So, today I'm thinking of my favorite things about my sweet, smunchable, smoochable little fluffiness.

Here are five favorite things about Teddy (it's really, really hard to pick only five - there are about a million and a half)...

1. His sensitivity. If one of us is crying, he jumps up and tries to lick the tears away. Likewise, when we're laughing, his ears perk up and he smiles that Pomeranian smile and is so delighted. He's very in touch with our feelings and wants to give comfort if anyone is unhappy or be part of the celebration when we're happy.

2. His softness. His fur is soooooo soft and silky. I could pet him all day long. (Well, I pretty much do.) He is like a living little teddy bear.

3. His playfulness. Teddy is a total lap dog, but he does love to play. When the mood strikes, he goes and gets one of his favorite toys (a pig, a puppy or a soccer ball) and drops it at our feet with an excited bark. When he gets really excited, he does what we call "bezerker"- running crazy figure eights around the house and furniture - tail down, mouth open with tongue hanging out and fur flying in the wind. Then when he's done, he jumps right back onto a lap for snuggles.

4. His hugs. When we hug him, he hugs back. He wraps his little head around our necks and just squeezes. It is the most heart-melting thing ever.

5. His paws. Teddy has the cutest little paws - they are tiny. And they smell like corn chips. Really, they do - they smell delicious! I love the pitter-patter sound they make when he is running around the house. I love how when I'm eating something tasty he will come and put a paw on me just to remind me he is there and might like some. I love how he uses them like little hands to hold his bones while he chews them. I love how he curls them all up in a ball while he sleeps. And I love when those little Teddy paws reach for me when he wants love.

By the way, I completely, 100% believe that we will be reunited with our pets in the next life.


Elaine said...

I do wonder how all that works with our pets in the next life. They are such a part of the family that I can't imagine we won't get to be with them together again. I just hope my boys are together right now.

Jill said...

This blog has been waiting for this post. I agree with you - there's something very sweet about our pets. I've only had Maggie for less than a year - but if I even think of something happening to her, I lose it, too.