Sunday, December 21, 2008


Today was spent in preparations. Preparing others for their holiday by making them gorgeous, and preparing myself for our trip! I had hair appointments all day and then spent the evening packing.

Today's Favorite Things are...

1. My awesome friends who come and let me do their hair. I have the best "clients." They're all my girlfriends, and we always have a great time chatting while we beautify!

2. How sweet my little fur-ball smells after being groomed. Teddy got gorgeous today, too. I gave him a little makeover - we clipped his nails, brushed his fur and trimmed up some of his stray ends. He looks fabulous! And he smells so good. He really never gets stinky (thank goodness) and I always think he smells sweet, but his mango-scented grooming spray smells especially yummy!

3. My packing checklist. Last year we went home in November for Thanksgiving, in December for Christmas, and in January, unfortunately, for a funeral. Each time I forgot something. Grrrr. So I sat down and wrote out a packing checklist of everything that I need. I keep a copy of it in my suitcase and it makes getting ready so much easier. Now the hardest part of packing is trying to figure out which clothes to take. Or maybe just which clothes to leave home, since I always take entirely too much. One of the benefits of driving - I fill that car right up!

4. Self-Rising Crust Pizza. Cheaper than delivery and faster too, since it only takes about 20 minutes to bake. Doesn't taste quite as good, but it'll do when you've had a busy day and you need pizza for dinner.

5. We're going home for Christmas tomorrow! Yay!!!!


traceyroxanne said...

As a benefactor of your beautification-Thankyou, thankyou. I especially enjoy the time to chat. Girlfriend time seems particularly scare for me lately and I sincerely appreciate what a good friend you've been to me. Have a fantastic time...I'm jealous that you get to be with your Mom.

Jill said...

You'll have to clue me in on the mango grooming spray! I think I could use some for Maggie! :o) Have a safe drive and I'll stay tuned to your blog for updates! :o)