Sunday, December 7, 2008

Peaceful Pictures

I love Sundays. For me, they are a day to rest from the world and spiritually recharge. Anyone who reads this blog knows that I am a very visual person, so today I'm sharing some of my favorite artistic images - ones that help me feel closer to my Savior and that bring me peace.

Today's Favorite Things are...

1. In His Constant Care, by Greg OlsenHe cares for the sparrows. He cares for me. Oh, it is wonderful!

2. The Sacred Grove, by Greg OlsenI LOVE this painting. I love the majesty and strength of the trees as they bear silent witness to the sacred event that took place there.

3. The Washington D.C. Temple at Christmas (image courtesy of flickr) Growing up, almost every year my family would go to the Washington, D.C. temple to see the Christmas lights. As a child, I could feel the sacredness of that place, and that feeling grew each year as my understanding of the gospel plan increased. Scott and I were married in this temple and it is a very special place to me.

4. Angels, by Mark Mabry I'm moved by this portrayal of joy as the angels proclaim the birth of Christ. I read that the photographer intentionally left the shepherds out of the image, so as to convey the idea that the angels were proclaiming tidings of joy to all of us.

5. Christ In Red Robe, by Del Parson No matter where we live, we always hang this painting close to the center of our house, to remind us that Christ is the center of our life and our home.


Jill said...

Wonderful pictures. I love Sundays, too. :o)

military mama said...

Thanks for posting those beautiful pictures. It helps me end my day on an upbeat note...knowing we are all loved and cared for by our Savior and Brother.